Learn and Create Jobs in The Thriving iOS App Economy.

Apple Developer Academy

Preparing aspiring entrepreneurs, developers, and designers, with the skills, resources, and training to find and create jobs in the thriving iOS app economy.

The Academy participants will learn the fundamentals of coding and core professional competencies, design, and marketing, ensuring graduates have the full suite of skills needed to contribute to the local business communities. The curriculum also incorporates Apple’s values throughout the coursework, encouraging students to design inclusively and make a positive impact in the world.

(Apple Newsroom, 2021)

Our programs

The Foundation

The Apple Foundation Program, is a 4 week program, designed for learners curious about what it means to be a developer, and are interested in learning more about coding, design, and app development for the iOS environment using the wide range of latest generation Apple technologies available.

The Academy

The Apple Developer Academy is a one-year program. Students will use the Apple ecosystem to learn Coding, Design Fundamentals, App Business, Game Design, Marketing, and Process and Professional skills.

Apply to the Academy

We are looking for students that are constant learners, passionate, collaborative, and highly motivated.

Everyone can apply regardless of prior coding experience and professional background.

Become a Mentor

Mentors are critical to the success of the Academy. We are looking for mentors with industry and/or academic experience, are highly motivated, and passionate.

Contact us to let us know if you want to be part of the Academy.

Frequently Asked Questions

To start the application process simply choose "apply now" under the "Apply to the academy" section
The Academy is open to all females, regardless of coding knowledge or background. However, the ideal candidate should be able to demonstrate a high quality of work, motivation to learn, and thrives in a collaborative learning environment.
The standard assessment test is the first filtration phase in entering the programs, however it is not the only criteria for admission. The interviews, statement of intent, portfolio, and CV’s are also critical for consideration.
Candidates may review the documents and videos provided by Tuwaiq Academy that will help them to prepare for the test. While no previous knowledge is expected, the academy does value the ability to self-learn.
A full scholarship will be awarded for those who qualify for the program. All needed technology is provided.